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At Your Biz WebDesign we work closely with our clients to determine the best options from start to finish.  Below are our typical services and packages: however, every client receives an individualized project quote, tailor-made for their specific needs.

A client favorite is our WordPress (Our Specialty) website choice!

Logo Design

Before you can build your website, you will need a brand identity. Using the right color, elements and design we can achieve this together. This is the tool that identifies and distinguish your brand in consumers' minds and is the foundation for your website design.

• Design A New Logo

• Refreshing Your Current Logo

• Three Proofs To Pick From

• Provide Digital Copies

Nice & Quick

In this day and age, having your business on the WEB is a must. We are here to help! With our partnership, we can get your business on the web in a matter of a few days. We just need some content about your business, services, and a few pictures, and we do the rest.

• Info Website – up to 3 pages

• Lower Startup Cost

• Some Customizable Features

• Mobile Friendly and Fast

Our Specialty

We customize the perfect theme to showcase your business on the web and make your website user friendly on both pc’s and mobile devices. Our Monthly Maint Service does check-ups to make sure your website is working correctly and running at its peak performance.

• Info Website – up to 3 pages

• WP, Plugins & Theme Maint

• Theme License Renewal

New Look

We will provide a 48 hour turnaround on all minor changes and updates to your existing website. Billing is $100 an hour, billed in 15-minute increments – you only pay for the actual time we spend making your requested changes.

• Turnaround Time – 48hr

• Billing Rate – $100hr

• Billing Increments – 15min

• Monthly Contract Not Required

Self-Website Updating

One-on-One or Group Training. We train our clients to make content changes to their WordPress websites themselves. This service sets us apart from our competitors and makes long term success of your website easier and less expensive!

• Individual or Group

• Billing Rate – $80hr

• Duration – 2 to 6hrs

• Zoom Video Conference

Google Tools

While we are designing your website, we will offer keyword and content placement ideas. After your website is launched, we implement all the Google tools to give your website the best opportunity to quickly rank high on Google organically.

• Google My Business

• Google Webmaster Tools

• Google Sitemap

• Google Analytics

Let us improve your business on the WEB!